Crude SS - Who'll Survive

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A1 Forced Values 2:35
A2 Sick Pleasure 1:35
A3 Destroy Capitalism 2:20
A4 Who´ll Survive 3:30
A5 You Cant Deny It 1:55
A6 Respect The Earth 1:40
A7 Bullying A Nation 1:43
A8 Fried 1:29
A9 Nazi Go Home 1:04
A10 What You Say, What You Do 1:25
B1 No School 1:44
B2 Blow All Town Halls 2:18
B3 Create Your Own Life 1:20
B4 Svensson, Svensson 1:45
B5 Leonid Was Red 1:25
B6 Pray The Lord My Soul To Take 2:44
B7 Blue Eyed Devils 1:34
B8 Chaos 1:24
B9 Hundred Dead Cops 2:27
B10 Forced Value (Live) 3:26

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