Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill

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Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill

Stone(d)! cold classic 1991 debut album


Pigs (2:45)
How I Could Just Kill A Man (4:08)
Hand On The Pump (4:01)
Hole In The Head (3:35)
Ultraviolet Dreams (0:41)
Light Another (3:19)
The Phuncky Feel One (3:27)
Break It Up (0:58)
Real Estate (3:55)
Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk (2:33)
Psycobetabuckdown (3:02)
Something For The Blunted (1:16)
Latin Lingo (4:00)
The Funky Cypress Hill Shit (3:57)
Tres Equis (1:53)
Born To Get Busy (3:02)

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