Daft Punk - Homework

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The monster 1997 debut album - every good home should have one!

Daftendirekt 2:44
WDPK 83.7 FM 0:28
Revolution 909 5:26
Da Funk 5:28
Phœnix 4:55
Fresh 4:03
Around The World 7:07
Rollin' & Scratchin' 7:26
Teachers 2:52
High Fidelity 6:00
Rock'n Roll 7:32
Oh Yeah 2:00
Burnin' 6:53
Indo Silver Club 4:32
Alive 5:15
Funk Ad 0:50

It's only now that you realise how much Daft Punk changed the direction of dance music and they did it with this album. You could say they just updated the sound of Chicago but they added their own touch and Parisian flare and delivered a stunning yet simple masterpiece. If it wasn't for this you wouldn't have Kitsune, Ed Banger, Soulwax, Switch...the list is endless. Every home should have one.

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