Daniel Avery - Song For Alpha: Double Vinyl LP


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Daniel Avery - Song For Alpha: Double Vinyl LP
(Phantasy Records)

Double Vinyl LP £18.99

After single handedly breathing new life into the early noughties classic electronic sound with his 2013 debut LP 'Drone Logic' Mr Avery takes a step away from the dancefloor and into the after hours & backroom worlds. Evoking classic era Warp Records, it's an album of rustic, warm electronic soundscapes that in places burst into future / retro head mangling electronic destroyers to keep you on your toes - an immense LP.

1 First Light
2 Stereo L
3 Projector
4 TBW17
5 Sensation
6 Citizen // Nowhere
7 Clear
8 Diminuendo
9 Days From Now
10 Embers
11 Slow Fade
12 Glitter
13 Endnote
14 Quick Eternity
15 Think About What You Love *

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