Dead Witches / Witchthroat Serpent - Doome Sessions Vol 666

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Heavy Psych Sounds is really proud to announce a brand new series of split albums that will be called DOOM SESSIONS !!

We are going to release a bunch of compilations with doom bands from Heavy Psych Sounds roster featuring some of the heaviest bands of the world doom scene. Each volume will host two bands.

This record you are holding is VOL. 666 – a split album between the UK occult-doom riffers DEAD WITCHES and the french doom sensation WITCHTHROAT SERPENT.

All the tracks are new and never released before. An occult-doom explosion !!!
Awesome artwork by the one and only Branca Studio.

1. DEAD WITCHES - D.I.E. (Dragged Into Emptiness) 14:04
2. WITCHTHROAT SERPENT - The Fall Of Whitewood 07:42
3. WITCHTHROAT SERPENT - Cyanide Laced 09:54
4. DEAD WITCHES - D.I.E. (Dragged Into Emptiness) - radio edit version 05:41

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