Destroyer - Labyrinthitis

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Destroyer - Labyrinthitis

    Track listing:
    1 It's In Your Heart Now
    2 Suffer
    3 June
    4 All My Pretty Dresses
    5 Tintoretto, It's For You
    6 Labyrinthitis
    7 Eat the Wine, Drink the Bread
    8 It Takes a Thief
    9 The States
    10 The Last Song
    Destroyer’s latest album, LABYRINTHITIS, brims with mystic and intoxicating terrain, the threads of Dan Bejar’s notes woven through by a trove of allusions at once eerily familiar and intimately perplexing. The record circuitously draws ever inward, each turn offering giddy surprise, anxious esoterica, and thumping emotionality at equal odds.

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