Deviants (The) - PTOOFF!: Clear Vinyl LP With Foldout Sleeve


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Deviants (The) - PTOOFF!:
Clear Vinyl LP £15.99

Long awaited reissue of the UK Psych Underground 60s's classic. The essential yuou didn'y know you needed!

After the earlier release of "Disposable", Tiger Bay returns with another album by the UK psychedelic rock band The Deviants. The band's debut album "Ptooff!" was originally released in 1967 under the label Underground Impresarios, and only available through a few selected shops, before being re-printed by Decca Records in 1969. Founded by legendary counter-culture figure Mick Farren and Russell Hunter and inspired by The Fugs, the band was the first of the anarchic groups to emerge from the Ladbroke Grove area of London. Two years before Hawkwind burst onto the underground scene, The Deviants were preaching revolution and creating their own form of musical anarchy. The Tiger Bay edition restores the original panel fold-out poster cover with liner notes by John Peel.

1. "Opening"

2. "I'm Coming Home"
3. "Child of the Sky"
4. "Charlie" 
5. "Nothing Man" 

1. "Garbage" 
2. "Bun" Rees 
3. "Deviation Street"

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