Dirty Three - Ocean Songs

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Dirty Three - Ocean Songs

A1 Sirena 4:06
A2 The Restless Waves 5:09
A3 Distant Shore 5:50
B1 Authentic Celestial Music 10:04
B2 Backwards Voyager 4:34
C1 Last Horse On The Sand 4:52
C2 Sea Above, Sky Below 6:04
C3 Black Tide 4:35
D1 Deep Waters 16:27
D2 Ends Of The Earth 5:09

Ocean Songs is the fourth major album by Australian rock band Dirty Three, released in March 1998 by Touch and Go Records. The album was recorded at Electrical Audio, Chicago, United States, during August and September 1997.

The cover art was designed by guitarist Mick Turner. On some tracks David Grubbs plays piano and harmonium. Rolling Stone said, "Eschewing the now patented violin-led raveups, the Dirty Three turned the atmosphere up to 11. 

With Warren Ellis playing sans distortion for the first time, Ocean Songs ebbs and flows with its own inevitable momentum: quiet, reflective and painstakingly slow."

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