Districts (The) - Great American Painting

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The Districts - Great American Painting

This record is a new era. The desire to create something larger than yourself, that will
infiltrate people’s hearts like well oiled machines, to paint pictures that will shake them and create a resounding push forward towards something more. In our pandemic isolation, what we wanted was to play a loud collage of music, unconfined by preconceived notions of what it should be, and to transcend ourselves in a room full of breathing, screaming, vibrating human beings - to let the darkness out in a cathartic squeal of noise, eclipsing it with light. We wanted to feel it all at once with you and to escape this fucked up world and find our way into a better one together.

"I wrote this song inspired by LSD in a dark forest in Washington state under a volcano and it is about feeling everything possible all at once and emotional fireworks and explosions and loving the universe and everyone in it but also about death and the darkness underlying all existence and forgiveness and pain and acceptance."

1. Revival Psalm
2. No Blood
3. Do It Over
4. White Devil
5. Long End
6. Outlaw Love
7. Hover
8. I Want To Feel It All
9. On Our Parting, My Beloved

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