Do What You Love - Trunk Records Comp: Double Vinyl LP

Format: Double Vinyl LP

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A1 Roger Webb– Bartleby Opening Cue
A2 The Inigo Kilborn Group– A Tune For Lucy
A3 Mark Murphy– Make Me Rainbows
A4 Jonny Trunk– Zeus
A5 Kenny Graham And His Satellites– Sunbeam
A6 Delia Derbyshire– About Bridges VCS3 Melodies
A7 Dudley Simpson– The Tomorrow People Theme
A8 The Musketeers (4)– Fight
B1 The Park Lane Primary School*– Lux Eterna / Aurora Boreallis
B2 Unknown Artist– Car Boot Sex Tape
B3 Derek Bowskill With The Michael Garrick Quartet*– Drama Workshop Tape 3/1
B4 Marc Wilkinson– Fiend Discovery And Titles
B5 The Cults Percussion Ensemble*– Circles
B6 The Vernon Elliott Quintet– Camel Riding
B7 Coggins* And Cook*– Sound Images
B8 David Lord With The Prime Ensemble– Sara's Tune
B9 Children Of The Italia Conte School– Speech Exercises / Trees And Flowers
C1 John Cameron (2)– Front Titles
C2 The African Swingsters*– Liyaduma
C3 John Baker– JB Dubs
C4 The Dudley Moore Trio*– The Millionaire
C5 Paz– Time Stood Still
C6 Karin Krog– A Quiet Place
C7 Mike Sammes And The Mike Sammes Singers*– International Harvester
C8 Jonny Trunk And Wisbey– The Ladies Bras
D1 Unknown Artist– You Are About To Use The Telephone
D2 Basil Kirchin– Silicon Chip
D3 Barry Gray– Robot Man
D4 Tristram Cary– The Electron's Tale
D5 Kenny Graham And His Afro Cuban Chums*– Track Two From The Night Train Tapes
D6 Isla Cameron And The Raymonde Singers*– O Willow Waly
D7 Basil Kirchin– Child Vocal Tape
D8 Mike And Bernie Winters*– I Like It!

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