Durutti Column (The) - Return Of The Durutti Column: 2022 Reissue LP+7" In Diecut Sandpaper Sleeve

Format: 2022 Reissue LP+7"

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The Durutti Column - Return Of The Durutti Column:

2022 Reissue LP+7" In Sandpaper Sleeve £27.99

A vinyl edition of landmark album The Return Of The Durutti Column, housed in a variant of the iconic sandpaper sleeve first issued by Factory Records in January 1980.

A collaboration between virtuoso guitarist Vini Reilly and legendary Manchester producer Martin Hannett, The Return Of The Durutti Column paired Reilly's non-Rock guitar sketches with Hannett's electronic textures to produce a gloriously atmospheric one-off.

The infamous original sandpaper sleeve was somewhat less user friendly. Inspired by a 1959 Situationist publication by Guy Debord and Asger Jorn, the relentless iconoclasts at Factory hoped that the abrasive packaging would destroy existing record collections.

This 2013 Factory Benelux edition develops rather than replicates the original packaging. On the front cover, an 11-inch square sheet of coarse glasspaper is seated beneath a die-cut based on the 1978 Factory 'bar graph' logo designed by Peter Saville. The back cover and inner sleeve feature period Durutti images by noted photographer Daniel Meadows. The bonus Hannett 'test card' flexidisc is now a hard vinyl 7-inch disc, with improved sound quality, while the album itself includes two extra tracks, Madeleine and Lips That Would Kiss (previously issued as a separate 7-inch single on Factory Benelux in October 1980).

The inner bag also features extensive liner notes with quotes from Vini Reilly, Martin Hannett, Tony Wilson, Peter Saville, Daniel Meadows, John Brierley, Bruce Mitchell and members of Joy Division, who assembled most of the sandpaper originals.

The package is housed in a re-sealable polythene wallet, thus ensuring that adjacent records in your collection remain intact

A1 Sketch For Summer
A2 Requiem For A Father
A3 Katharine
A4 Conduct
B1 Beginning
B2 Jazz
B3 Sketch For Winter
B4 Collette
B5 In D
B6 Lips That Would Kiss
B7 Madeleine

7-1 The First Aspect Of The Same Thing
7-2 The Second Aspect Of The Same Thing

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