Durutti Column (The) - Short Stories For Pauline: Limited Blue Vinyl LP


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Durutti Column (The) - Short Stories For Pauline:
Limited Blue Vinyl LP £22.99

Factory Benelux presents a blue vinyl edition of Short Stories for Pauline, the ‘lost’ fourth album by cult Manchester group The Durutti Column. Limited to just 500 copies, this edition also features a new cover image by photographer Mark Warner.

Originally recorded by Vini Reilly in Brussels in November 1983, the 14 track album features several key Durutti works including College, A Room in Southport and (best of all) Duet. Recorded with Tuxedomoon viola player Blaine L. Reininger, this poignant instrumental proved - ironically – to be the downfall of the album, after Factory founder (and Durutti manager) Tony Wilson insisted that Duet form the basis of an entire neo-classical album. Thus Duet became Without Mercy in 1984, and Short Stories for Pauline was shelved.

Other guest musicians on the album include drummer Alain Lefebvre, harpist Anne van den Troost and sax player Eric Sleichim.


A1. At First Sight
A2. Duet
A3. College
A4. Invitations
A5. Destroy, She Said
A6. Model
A7. Journeys By Vespa

B1. Take Some Time Out
B2. A Silence
B3. Mirror A
B4. Cocktail
B5. Telephone Call
B6. Mirror B
B7. A Room in Southport

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