Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

Format: Black Double Vinyl LP

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Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

1. "Vinum Sabbathi" 3:05
2. "Funeralopolis" 8:43
3. "Weird Tales"
I. "Electric Frost"
II. "Golgotha"
III. "Altar of Melektaus"
4. "Barbarian" 6:29
5. "I, The Witchfinder" (a.k.a. "Las Torturas de la Inquisicion") 11:04
6. "The Hills Have Eyes" 0:46
7. "We Hate You" 5:08
8. "Dopethrone" (track length is 10:55 on 2004 and 2007 re-release) 20:48
9. "Mind Transferral" (bonus track on 2004 and 2007 re-release) 14:56


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