Empath - Visitor

Format: CD Album

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1. Genius of Evil
2. Born 100 Times
3. Diamond Eyelids
4. Passing Stranger
5. Corner of Surprise
6. House + Surprise


1. Elvis Comeback
2. 80s
3. V
4. Bell
5. Paradise

This is a song that we kept kind of clear, making it a more straightforward pop
song in that way. The song was written as a stream of consciousness, so again there’s not really a true chorus moment but a melody that carries throughout. To balance out the clear poppy-ness, we incorporated some broken parts and a fun metal type blast beat at the end. The words in this song were written from a few pieced together memories I had - one of coming downstairs at my house one morning and unexpectedly finding a friend who lives onthe other side of the country asleep on the couch, and the other memory was of when a friend used to travel from Chicago an hour and a half to the suburbs to work full time at a low paying americorps job. Collaging memories in a way that created an emotional narrative about reaching for a fleeting moment of connection and familiarity.

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