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With the release of their new single "R&B", the ever-exciting English Teacher prove they could be your new favourite band.

As far as Northern cities go, Leeds probably isn’t the first place you’d think of as a burgeoning hotbed of fiercely independent and DIY bands. Often overshadowed by its neighbours further along the M62, it’s precisely because of this that Leeds’ music scene is as vehemently independent and self-sufficient as it is.

The latest band to emerge from the city are four-piece English Teacher. Keeping Leeds’ longstanding tradition of uncompromising post-punk alive, the quartet’s latest single "R&B" is three minutes of clattering bass and crisp percussion, sporadic guitar occasionally punctuating the tension as frontwoman Lily Fontaine explores ideas of imposter syndrome and lethargy throughout the creative process.

Lethargic is one thing "R&B" isn’t however. Fraught and frantic perhaps. Imbued with a dry wit and self-awareness certainly, but no-one’s about to level any accusations of indifference at English Teacher.

The band explains "[the song] is about the cyclical, productivity-diminishing paradox of low self-esteem and imposter syndrome-induced writer’s block that then fuels low self-esteem and imposter syndrome. It’s also about racial identity and putting the love that you have to offer a potential romantic partner back into yourself”

Harbouring a cloying sense of paranoia that only increases as the track progresses, there are elements of bands such as Slint and Sonic Youth at play. Rather than feel like a ‘90s throwback, however "R&B" succeeds feeling not just contemporary, but vital. Providing both a short, sharp gut punch and insight into Leeds’ ever-growing indie scene.

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