Faith Elliott 30/09/21 @ The Art House, Wakefield


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Sorry, this gig has been and gone! Why not take a look and see if we have anything else for sale by Faith Elliott.


Event name: Bodys present: Faith Eliott + Death to Everyone
Acts: Faith Eliott, Death to Everyone
Location: The Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2TE.
Promoters: Bodys
Date: 30.09.2021
Allocation Number: 5 (more available if these sell out - let me know)
Doors: 8pm
Age restriction: All ages
Price: £6/£4 (For 26 or younger, disabled, claiming benefits, unemployed, or on a low income)
On sale now

8.30pm Death to Everyone
Death to Everyone is our friend Chad who plays in Wakefield’s mi mye, and formerly ripped it up in The Spills. He had a brief spell as ‘Daniel’ for a show at Chantry Chapel, as we at Bodys didn’t think the dean of the cathedral would be up for hosting a show of ‘Death to Everyone’. As ‘Daniel’ he shared the bill with Advance Base. A partly-completed pandemic and a new baby later, Chad will arrive for his second ever show with his wonderful solo project. Gently sung, the lyrics are somehow simultaneously nihilistic and heartbreaking. A treat.

9.15pm Faith Eliott
Faith Eliott (who uses the pronouns they & them) is a songwriter and visual artist currently based in Glasgow. They grew up in Minneapolis and relocated with their family to Scotland aged 13. Faith’s debut LP ‘Impossible Bodies’ was released last year on OK Pal Records. The record was in part inspired by Faith’s interest in medieval bestiaries, illustrated compendiums of animals. Impossible Bodies’ is based on the same framework, with each song represented by a different creature. These stories are set to an atmospheric mix of finger-picking guitar, strings, electric guitar and percussion. Sometimes swirling and aquatic, sometimes doomy, and sometimes more patently ‘folk’. ‘Impossible Bodies’ was received to critical acclaim and broadcast on BBC Radio 3, 4, and 6Music.

About Bodys
Bodys is a gig promoter in Wakefield, hosting frequent shows. Follow us on social media @bodyswakefield to see what other shows we are hosting. Our gigs are intentionally set at times that allow you to be in bed early if you fancy, and we always announce set times well in advance.

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