Fall (The) - Middle Class Revolt


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The Fall - Middle Class Revolt

Side One
1. 15 Ways
2. The Reckoning
3. Behind The Counter
4. M5#1
5. Surmount All Obstacles
6. Middle Class Revolt!
7. War
Side Two
1. You’re Not Up To Much
2. Symbol Of Mordgan
3. Hey! Student
4. Junk Man
5. The $500 Bottle Of Wine
6. City Dweller
7. Shut Up!

After the success of 1993’s The Infotainment Scan, the Fall returned to the studio to
record Middle Class Revolt. Whilst it didn’t reach the same commercial heights, the
album includes some of the Fall’s post popular tracks. Highlights include ‘Hey!
Student’, ‘15 Ways’ and ‘Behind The Counter’ as well as covers of ‘War’ and ‘Shut Up!’

Back on vinyl for the first time in over 25 years, this new edition is pressed on 140g
clear vinyl and housed in a printed inner sleeve featuring new designs by original
cover artist Pascal Le Gras.

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