Fear Factory - Soul Of A New Machine


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Fear Factory - Soul Of A New Machine
(Roadrunner / Run Out Groove)

Deluxe Edition Triple Vinyl LP (+Poster & Patch) £62.99

1. Martyr - Fear Factory (4.05)
2. Leechmaster - Fear Factory (3.53)
3. Scapegoat - Fear Factory (4.31)
4. Crisis - Fear Factory (3.44)
5. Crash Test - Fear Factory (3.47)
6. Flesh Hold - Fear Factory (2.29)
7. Lifeblind - Fear Factory (3.51)
8. Scumgrief - Fear Factory (4.07)
9. Natividad - Fear Factory (1.04)
10. Big God/Raped Souls - Fear Factory (2.39)
11. Arise Above Oppression - Fear Factory (1.51)
12. Self Immolation - Fear Factory (2.45)
13. Suffer Age - Fear Factory (3.4)
14. W.O.E. - Fear Factory (2.33)
15. Desecrate - Fear Factory (2.35)
16. Escape Confusion - Fear Factory (3.58)
17. Manipulation - Fear Factory (3.28)
18. Martyr (Suffer Bastard Mix) - Fear Factory (7.14)
19. Self Immolation (Vein Tap Mix) - Fear Factory (5.33)
20. Scapegoat (Pigf*ck Mix) - Fear Factory (4.36)
21. Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix) - Fear Factory (6.2)
22. Self Immolation (Liquid Sky Mix) - Fear Factory (6.07)
23. Scapegoat (Pigf*ck Mix) [instrumental] - Fear Factory (4.37)
24. Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix) [instrumental] - Fear Factory (6.21)

Fear Factory is an American Industrial Metal band formed in Los Angeles in 1990. Throughout their career they have released nine full-length albums with a tenth studio album coming in 2021. Soul Of A New Machine is the band’s debut album for Roadrunner Records, released on August 25, 1992.

AllMusic's Jason Birchmeier gave the album three stars out of five, remarking that "Fear Factory were quite ahead of their time in 1992". The critic also noted the diversity of the genres featured in the recording, saying that "Soul of a New Machine was so ground-breaking because it [fused] together some of the best aspects of numerous metal subgenres", which "[resulted] in a unique sound".

Rock Hard rated the album highly, saying that the sound of the album was strange, indescribable yet required listening. Rock Hard also complimented the blending of various sub-genres, with particular note to Burton Bell for managing such an eclectic set of vocals.

· Remastered for maximum fidelity.
· Features deluxe packaging, a fold out posted and a patch.
· Limited and individually numbered.

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