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Released Friday 24th June 2022
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Whilst the band have only released one studio album since they formed they have released man incredible 25 singles / EPs – listed below. Meanwhile the band gear up for the release of the second album titled ‘Are We Gonna Be Alright’ due for release on 14th January 2022. That album will be preceded by a number of singles and instant grats, the first of which is the exhilarating Prince-esque guitar and vocal stormer ‘Love You To Death’. Natti says ‘This song is just pure fun. It was so sick to explore this new Prince-esque side of FF. the music is so simple and it gave us a lot of space to go a little crazy with the guitar shredding and backing vocals. I think every family member and their neighbour sings on this ha! It’s a song about loving someone so much you might actually kill them. I’m pretty amazed by just how much I can feel sometimes, like it’s quite overwhelming a lot do the time. Thats kinda where this song comes from.’

The album covers a range of feelings and emotions born out of frustration in relationships, anger and intensity to feeling crazy, mixed with joyous times recording the album, celebrating times and company with friends, savouring every moment, especially after such difficulty during lockdown.


 1. Love You To Death
2. Not Okay
3. Write Me A Song
4. Alone
5. Glow
6. Pretty Great
7. Load On Your Mind
8. Yeah Yeah Yeah
9. IRL
10. Listen
11. Won’t Hurt Myself
12. Are We Gonna Be Alright?


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