Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1: CD Album or Vinyl LP + O2 Academy Leeds Ticket Bundle SOLD OUT

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Sorry, this gig has been and gone! Why not take a look and see if we have anything else for sale by Foals.



  Album and ticket bundles start from £15.00 and can be viewed in the drop down menu above for more ticket options click here Album is also available on all formats without a ticket here All CDs/LPs will be dispatched this week. There is no collect at Crash option available for the album. Tickets will be available to collect from the shop one week before the O2 Academy gig. Foals ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1’ CD Album + 1 ticket for O2 Academy Leeds gig £15.00 Vinyl LP  1 ticket for O2 Academy Leeds gig £25.00 (PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS BELOW BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER) We are delighted to announce that Foals will be playing a very special album launch gig at O2 Academy, Leeds on Thursday 23rd May. This event is exclusively for Crash Records customers. We will be issuing tickets for this event which will need to be collected from the shop during the week leading up to the O2 Academy show. The live set from Foals will be around 45 minutes in length and will feature songs from their new album ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1’ There will be a Crash Records DJ set before and after the band are on stage. Times will be confirmed nearer the time, but doors will probably be 7pm and Foals on stage from 8pm until 8:45pm (times subject to change). There will only be stalls/standing tickets for this event. The balcony will not be open. This is a 14+ ages event. Under 25s require ID to purchase alcohol We have set up special bundles (in the drop down box above) for this release where fans of Foals can purchase a copy of the album on either of the formats available and get a ticket for this exclusive launch gig at the O2 Academy. One copy of an album on any format gets one ticket for the gig. Two album purchases gets two tickets. PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE PRINTING TICKETS FOR THIS AND THESE TICKETS WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ENTRY TO THE O2 ACADEMY ON 23RD MAY. ALL TICKETS NEED TO BE COLLECTED FROM THE SHOP BY THE LEAD BOOKER.TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO COLLECT FROM 9:30AM ON THURSDAY 16TH MAY UP UNTIL 7PM ON THURSDAY 23RD MAY. THERE IS NO COLLECT AT VENUE OPTION AVAILABLE FOR THE TICKETS.          

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