G.I.S.M. – Militaly Affairs Neurotic

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G.I.S.M. – Militaly Affairs Neurotic

A1 Good As It Is
A2 Frozen Dirt
A3 Nations Prosperity
A4 Anatomy Love Violence GISM
B1 Meaning Corrupted 1 "Fatigue"
B2 M.A.N. (Military Affairs Neurotic)
B3 Meaning Corrupted 2 "Degeneration"
B4 Meaning Corrupted 3 "Destruction"

Reissue of Japanese punk legends G.I.S.M.'s sophomore release Military Affairs Neurotic

G.I.S.M. is a Japanese Hardcore Punk\Heavy Metal band from Tokyo, formed in 1981. The band split after Randy Uchida's death in 2001. They were one of the first crust punk groups, a hybrid subgenre style which mixed hardcore punk (and often Anarcho punk) with speed metal. In 1987, four years after releasing cult classic 'Detestation', the group switched up their style with 'Military Affairs Neurotic', sporting a sound drawing on heavy metal as much as early industrial music. It's getting its first ever official vinyl release through celebrated extreme metal and punk label Relapse Records.

The acronym G.I.S.M. can stand for: Guerilla Incendiary Sabotage Mutineer, God In the Schizoid Mind, Gay Individual Social Mean, Gnostic Idiosyncracy Sonic Militant, etc.

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