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Gang Of Four ‎- Entertainment

Every good homes should have one! Legendary, seminal and hugely influencial debut album from the guys who became a fully formed band whilst studying at Leeds University in 1977. An integral part of the local thriving music scene at the time, including the Mekons & Delta 5. they let rip with their debut single 'Damaged Goods' and 'Post Punk' was arguably born. Entertainment was full of jagged guitars, funked basslines, super tight drums, edgey vocals and subversive lyrics they sounded like no one else at the time and the rest is history. 40+!! years later this album still sounds completely vital. 

Side 1
1. Ether
2. Natural's Not In It
3. Not Great Men
4. Damaged Goods
5. Return The Gift
6. Guns Before Butter
Side 2
1. I Found That Essence Rare
2. Glass
3. Contract
4. At Home He's A Tourist
5. 45
6. Love Like Anthrax

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