Germans (The) - Spirituality

Format: Vinyl LP

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The Germans - Spirituality


1. Ich Sagte 04:30 video
2. Take A Deep Breath 04:29
3. Spiritus Asparagus 02:31
4. Rose Quartz 03:43
5. The Dreamer 04:48
6. Mercury In Retrograde 04:26
7. Soft And Fragile As My Heart 03:23
8. As It Ends 03:34
9. Within The Dream 03:24
10. Ende 03:24

                      Picture a clandestine meeting in 1984 between Mark Hollis
                      of Talk Talk, a sleepwalking Kate Bush and Enya on expired
                      Island. In a wooden shed in the secret corners of Bokrijk.
                      Drinking absinth and recording an album on the synths
                      of Suzanne Ciani and a treasured mid 18th century French
                      horn. A sonic fever dream directed by David Cronenberg.

                      "Spirituality" is not just an album; it's an invitation to explore
                      the extraordinary. Let the music be your guide as The Germans
                      redefine the boundaries of reality, inviting you to embrace the
                      sublime and surreal. Open your ears and heart to the extraordinary
                      journey that awaits in "Spirituality."

                      Following the extravaganza of their previous album 'Sexuality', The
                      Germans set sail on a transformative quest in search of peace and quiet.
                      Withdrawn to the countryside, unaffected by the spirit of the times,
                      the Belgian ensemble managed to create a unique and fascinating
                      new opus, 'Spirituality'.

                      Serving as the second installment in the Germanity trilogy, the album
                      surprises with its classic songwriting and introspective mood.

                      Guided by maverick producer Micha Volders, The Germans meticulously creates a
                      delicate sonic landscape through the use of classical guitar, early digital synths,
                      percussion, prepared piano, and the addi^on of Rozanne Descheemaeker's beau^ful
                      French horn arrangements. You will not be disappointed.


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