Germs ‎- M.I.A. The Complete Anthology

Format: (Blue & Black) Double Vinyl LP

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Incredible Germs anthology compiling their entire recorded output. 


1. Forming
2. Sex Boy (Live)
3. Lexicon Devil
4. Circle One
5. No God
6. What We Do Is Secret
7. Communist Eyes
8. Land Of Treason
9. Richie Dagger's Crime
10. Strange Notes
11. American Leather
12. Lexicon Devil
13. Manimal
14. Our Way
15. We Must Bleed
16. Media Blitz
17. The Other Newest One
18. Let's Pretend
19. Dragon Lady
20. The Slave
21. Shut Down (Annihilation Man)
22. Caught In My Eye
23. Round And Round
24. My Tunnel
25. Throw It Away
26. Not All Right
27. Now I Hear The Laughter
28. Going Down
29. Lions Share
30. Forming 2

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