Ghost Funk Orchestra - An Ode To Escapism: Indies Exclusive Blue/Black Swirl Vinyl LP


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Ghost Funk Orchestra - An Ode To Escapism
Indies Blue/Black Swirl Vinyl LP £21.99 (Ltd to 1500 units)

On their 2020 release, Ghost Funk Orchestra invite you to close your eyes and take a dive into your subconscious. Strings and horns float around from ear to ear while their three sirens explore themes of isolation, fear of the unknown, and the fabrication of self-image. It's a soulful psychedelic journey that picks up sonically where 'A Song for Paul' left off. The drums are heavier, the arrangements are more intricate, and the vocal harmonies soar over a bed of odd time signature grooves.


  1. introduction
  2. overture
  3. little bird
  4. stoop talk
  5. step back (wild child)
  6. fuzzy logic
  7. pause i
  8. quiet soul
  9. mourning
  10. drop me a line
  11. pause ii
  12. queen bee
  13. korban olah
  14. toujours
  15. pause iii
  16. king of misdirection
  17. cost of living

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