Go! Team (The) - Get Up Sequences Part One: Limited Eco Lucky Dip Vinyl LP With Signed & Numbered Print *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 108


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The Go! Team
Get Up Sequences Part One
(Memphis Industries)


- Ecomix recycled “lucky-dip” coloured vinyl 
- Alternate sleeve artwork 
- Signed & numbered print 
- Limited Edition of 700 


Side A
Let the Seasons Work
Cookie Scene
A Memo for Maceo
We Do it but Never Know Why
Freedom Now
Side B
I Loved You Better
A Bee Without its Sting
Tame the Great Plains
World Remember Me Now

The Go! Team return with their new album “Get Up
Sequences Part One” out on 02 July 2021 via Memphis
Industries featuring the singles Cookie Scene and World
Remember Me Now.
On “Get Up Sequences Part One” Ian, Ninja, Nia, Simone,
Sam and Adam have created a musical world distinctly of
their own making. A place where routine is outlawed and
perfection is the enemy. Where Ennio Morricone meets the
Monkees armed with flutes, glockenspiels, steel drums and a

badass analogue attitude. We’re talking widescreen, four-
track, channel hopping sounds that are instantly

In The Go! Team's world, old’s cool, the future's bright and
melody is the star. Just check the second cut “Cookie
Scene” with a bouncing flute and junk shop percussion it
introduces guest rapper Indigo Yaj who delivers an old
school vocal that continues this sonic trip. Pow channels
Curtis Mayfield and enter stage centre, the inimitable Ninja in
full flow and you don’t stop, you wont stop to this flute driven
free for all.
By way of demonstrating The Go! Team’s old school
manifesto, comes the 'needle-in-the-red' “I Love You Better”
a defiant message to an ex love, spelling out exactly how
he’s fucked up – and then there’s those steel drums.
Following that comes the soda fountain soul courtesy of “A
Bee Without Its Sting”, a groovy protest song that makes its
point with a tambourine – hey only The Go! Team.
The musical wagon train then takes you into the wide
screen, windswept western that is Tame the Great Plains
heading off into a polyrhythmic panorama that’s full of hope.
Slappin’ you back to reality comes “World Remember Me
Now”, a timely reminder that when you’re lost in the routine
of life, you can always count on The Go! Team.

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