God of War: Ragnarök - Original Soundtrack: Bear McCreary

Format: Blue Smoke Triple Vinyl LP

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God of War: Ragnarök - Original Soundtrack: Bear McCreary

The award-winning soundtrack to God of War Ragnarök is now available in a premium vinyl release format. Each product comes packaged in a trifold jacket with interior displays of original concept art from game, three (3) 150g weight discs pressed on colored “Blue Smoke” vinyl, two (2) heavyweight cardstock lithographs displaying additional game concept art, and an insert with a note from Game Director, Eric Williams, and Soundtrack Composer, Bear McCreary.  

The album features score music written by McCreary for the hugely-anticipated video game, which debuts today on PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 consoles. Also included within the 28-track collection is an original vocal track from McCreary and multiplatinum-selling singer-songwriter HOZIER entitled “Blood Upon the Snow”.


Disc 1 Side A

  1. God of War: Ragnarök – featuring Eivør 
  2. A Son's Path  
  3. The Hand of Odin  
  4. Giantess of Ironwood  
  5. Huldra Brothers  

Disc 1 Side B

  1. Holding On – featuring Eivør 
  2. Svartalfheim – featuring Eivør 
  3. Pull of the Light – featuring Eivør 
  4. Alfheim  
  5. Jotunheim 

Disc 2 Side A

  1. Grýla  
  2. Whispered Souls  
  3. Vanaheim  
  4. The Hidden Beast  

Disc 2 Side B

  1. To Forgive or to Kill  
  2. Asgard  
  3. Muspelheim and Niflheim  
  4. Midgard  
  5. The Mermaid  

Disc 3 Side A

  1. Remembering Faye – featuring Eivør 
  2. Return to Helheim  
  3. The Hammer of Thor  
  4. The Mask  
  5. Ragnarök  

Disc 3 Side B

  1. The All-Father  
  2. Raeb's Lament  
  3. Letting Go 
  4. Blood Upon the Snow – Hozier & Bear McCreary



  1. God of War: Ragnarök – featuring Eivør
  2. A Son's Path 
  3. The Hand of Odin 
  4. Giantess of Ironwood 
  5. Huldra Brothers 
  6. Holding On – featuring Eivør
  7. Svartalfheim – featuring Eivør
  8. Pull of the Light – featuring Eivør
  9. Alfheim 
  10. Jotunheim 
  11. Grýla 
  12. Whispered Souls 
  13. Vanaheim 
  14. The Hidden Beast 


  1. To Forgive or to Kill  
  2. Asgard  
  3. Muspelheim and Niflheim  
  4. Midgard  
  5. The Mermaid  
  6. Remembering Faye – featuring Eivør 
  7. Return to Helheim  
  8. The Hammer of Thor  
  9. The Mask  
  10. Ragnarök  
  11. The All-Father  
  12. Raeb's Lament  
  13. Letting Go 
  14. Blood Upon the Snow – Hozier & Bear McCreary


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