H.C.McEntire - Eno Axis: Exclusive iridescent Blue Vinyl with 12" Screen Print *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 057

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"Eno Axis"
(Merge Records)

Release Date Friday 21st August
All pre-orders will be dispatched/made ready for collection on that date.

  • Exclusive iridescent blue vinyl
  • 12” x 12” screen-printed, two-colour print
  • Signed & numbered
  • Numbered edition of 300


Side A
1 Hands for the Harvest 4:17
2 Footman's Coat 3:43
3 High Rise 4:49
4 River's Jaw 4:34
5 One Eye Open 2:12

Side B
6 Final Bow 4:09
7 True Meridian 3:34
8 Sunday Morning 1:41
9 Time, On Fire 3:07
10 Hoses of the Holy 4:10


Narratively, H.C. McEntire’s Eno Axis is about finding direction in the natural world, and following love. Sonically, it’s an album shaped enormously by the atmosphere it was recorded in—the crew’s synergy and positivity, the proximity and presence of a band in a room playing with intention.
Structurally, it’s a group of songs inspired by the colors and tones of open tunings, by the sacrality of space and instinct.
Stylistically, it’s folk-rock leaning into its curious experimental side and moved by the spiritual rawness of classic soul and the simplicity of earnest pop.
Eno Axis feels like a confident and mature step forward from her debut album LIONHEART—in tone, arrangement, production, and spirit.


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