Haim - Women In Music Pt III

Format: Double Black Vinyl LP

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Haim - Women In Music Pt III

1. Los Angeles
2. The Steps
3. I Know Alone
4. Up From A Dream
5. Gasoline
6. 3am
7. Don't Wanna
8. Another Try
9. Leaning On You
10. I've Been Down
11. Man From The Magazine
12. All That Ever Mattered
13. FUBT
14. Summer Girl
15. Now I'm In It
16. Hallelujah

Haim return with their long awaited 3rd album, Women In Music Pt III. Available on CD, Cassette, Black vinyl LP and a rather nice looking yellow double LP exclusive to independent retailers and HMV. Both LP variants come in a gatefold sleeve. 

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