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Release Date Friday 16th August 2024
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“Writing this album, I opened up my closet, and a skeleton came out.” In a café just around the corner from his
Edinburgh flat, Hamish Hawk is contemplating his extraordinary new record, A Firmer Hand. “The thing that links all of the songs is a
sense of the unsaid, whether out of guilt, shame, repression, embarrassment, coyness, whatever it might have been. I realised: I am
going to say these things, and not all of them are going to make me look good. The album made so many demands, and I just gave
myself over to it.”
At this stage, where only a handful of close associates have heard the finished album, Hawk is still unsure of what the reaction might
be from fans, critics, even family. He jokes that A Firmer Hand is the first of his records that his parents might not enjoy. “But the fact
that it makes me nervous tells me it was the right thing to do.”
It takes only a couple of listens to be sure that it was a risk worth taking. And just a couple more to determine that A Firmer Hand is
the best and boldest record Hamish Hawk has delivered to date. “It’s a bit of a coming of age record,” he says. And a record for the

1. Juliet as Epithet
2. Machiavelli’s Room
3. Big Cat Tattoos
4. Nancy Dearest
5. Autobiography of Spy
6. You Can Film Me
7. Christopher St.
8. Men Like Wire
9. Questionable Hit
10. Disingenuous
11. Milk an Ending
12. The Hard Won


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