Heritage Orchestra - The Breaks

Size: Double Vinyl LP

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Heritage Orchestra - The Breaks:

Fantastic new take on the records that were the foundations for early Hip Hop, courtesy of an exceptional set of musicians, arrangers & producers who perform these as a mix, with added party startin' extras over 4 sides of vinyl. It's a whole new spin.

Side 1
1. Apache"
2. "It's Just Begun" (feat Kamasi Washington)
3. "Hot Wheels The Chase"
4. "Space Funk"
Side 2
1. "Think" (feat Vula)
2. "Forty Days"
3. "Give It Up & Turn It Loose" (feat Mr Switch)
4. "Get On The Good Foot" (feat Mr Talkbox)
Side 3
1. "More Bounce" (3:23)
2. "Ashley's Roachclip" (feat Cory Henry)
3. "Dance To The Drummers Beat"
Side 4
1. "Rated X"
2. "The Mexican" (feat Mattiel)
3. "Theme From SWAT"
4. "X Breaks" (feat Mr Switch)

"Grammy award winning composer, conductor & arranger Jules Buckley present, The Breaks, a celebration of the beat-driven music that has influenced the world of scratch DJs and breakdancing since the 1970s. Featuring much loved tracks from the birth of hip hop, including 'Apache', 'The Mexican', and 'Think (About It)', with refreshing new arrangements performed by the 'Heritage Orchestra'.

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