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Release Date Friday the 5th of November, all Pre-orders will be dispatched on that date.

New EP2 from The Horrors, off the back of EP1.

Faris Quote:
The Against the Blade EP is a further descent into chaos - about the freedom that comes with abandoning all hope, giving up control,
and accepting that you will always be at odds with the world around you. There’s something about our recent writing that has felt
really free and liberated, like being let off a leash - slightly ironic given the fact that lockdown forced us into certain ways of working.
This almost feels like a new band now - a new beginning right in time for the apocalypse.

Rhys Quote:
Against the Blade is a visceral attack of the senses. A heavy, riff rocking beast. Once the ball started rolling with writing Lout I liked
the idea of challenging the band to push all the song’s in as extreme a direction as possible. Against The Blade and Twisted Skin were
both written in Southend on sea over lockdown, it’s the most DIY music we’ve ever made. The first demos were written in my
bedroom and work continued in Joe’s little shipping container studio which overlooks the estuary. The only element recorded in an
actual studio were the vocals as we even recorded

1. Against The Blade
2. Twisted Skin

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