Hundred Year Old Man - Sleep In Light

Format: Double Vinyl LP

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Hundred Year Old Man - Sleep In Light

1. A New Terror
2. Sleep In Light
3. I Caught a Glimpse of Myself on Fire
4. Seldom
5. Honne
6. Stone Sail
7. Monoamine
8. Livyatan

Hundred Year Old Man are a post-metal six piece band based in Leeds, UK. The band combines hard hitting sludge riffs with a post-hardcore intensity and beautifully textured atmospheric qualities. The band's lengthy songs ebb and flow, combining multiple screaming vocals, crushing riffs and ambient and electronic
elements including synths and samples, weaving a narrative through their songs.

Sleep In Light is the follow up to Breaching from 2018. Building on the foundations of that record, the band have evolved their sound into something more polished, but still with the same heaving intensity and unforgiving wall of sound they are known for. The album deals with themes of isolation and despair, while offering elements of hope and possibility in a suddenly bleak time for us all in the world today. It is a soundtrack to loss and love, life and death and all that lies between.

"Sludgy Leeds sextet Hundred Year Old Man have been making quite a name for themselves with their visceral, ambitious take on post-metal and their pummelling sensory overload of a live show. It's heartening to see that a band like HYOM can breathe so much life into the genre."~
The Quietus

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