J Dilla - Welcome 2 Detroit: 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set

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Jay Dee aka J Dilla - Welcome 2 Detroit
BBE Music

7" Vinyl Box Set - £97.99

BBE Music announces a special 20th Anniversary edition of one of the most important records in the label’s history: J Dilla’s Welcome 2 Detroit, presented in a deluxe 7” vinyl box set boasting instrumentals, including brand new interpretations of "Rico Suave Bossa Nova" by Azymuth and a DJ Muro Remix of "Think Twice", a stash of previously unreleased alternative mixes and studio outtakes pressed over 12 discs, plus a book revealing the album’s hidden story, told by those who were there.


Disc 1
Side A
01. Y’all Ain’t Ready
02. Think Twice (faded)
Side B
01. Y’all Ain’t Ready (Instrumental)
02. Think Twice (Instrumental – faded)
Disc 2
Side C
01. The Clapper feat. Blu
02. Shake It Down
Side D
01. The Clapper (Instrumental)
02. Shake It Down (Instrumental)
Disc 3
Side E
01. Come Get It feat. Elzhi (edit)
Side F
01. Come Get It (Instrumental – edit)
Disc 4
Side G
01. Pause feat Frank ‘n’ Dank
02. B.B.E. – Big Booty Express
Side H
01. Pause (Instrumental)
02. B.B.E. – Big Booty Express (Instrumental)
Disc 5
Side I
01. Beej-N-Dem Pt.2 feat. Beej
Side J
01. Beej-N-Dem Pt.2 (Instrumental)
Disc 6
Side K
01. Brazilian Groove
02. It’s Like That (Edit) feat. Hodge Podge, Lacks
Side L
01. Brazilian Groove EWF (Instrumental)
02. It’s Like That (Instrumental)
Disc 7
Side M
01. Give It Up
Side N
01. Give It Up (Instrumental)
Disc 8
Side O
01. Rico Suave Bossa Nova
Side P
01. Azymuth – Rico Suave Bossa Nova (Vinyl Edit) – Azymuth
Disc 9
Side Q
01. Feat. Phat Kat
Side R
01. Feat. Phat Kat (Instrumental)
Disc 10
Side S
01. African Rhythms
02. One
Side T
01. African Rhythms (Instrumental)
02. One (Instrumental)
Disc 11
Side U
01. It’s Like That (Alternate Version)
02. Beej-N-Dem (og) feat. Beej
Side V
01. African Rhythms (No Drums)
02. Brazilian Groove EWF (No Drums, No Vocal)
03. Give It Up (Acapella)
Disc 12
Side W
01. Think Twice (DJ Muro’s KG Mix)
Side X
01. Think Twice (DJ Muro’s KG Mix Instrumental)

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