Jackie 11/02/22 @ Wharf Chambers


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Friday 11th February 2022
Wharf Chambers
Doors 7.30
Age 18+

Before you ask, Jackie is not a rock band. Or a pop band. Or one of those alt-indie darlings that you just know has been packaged for FROSH week. If you must put them in a box, it’s best you just call Jackie a black sheep.

Take, for example, the band’s debut single, New at Drugs, a propulsive slice of guitar pop that shimmers and warbles like a synth-led banger. The group -- singer/songwriter Jackie Mohr, guitarist Marc Girardin and drummer Max Trefler -- caught the energetic vibe of producer Hawksley Workman, working quirky riffs that shouldn’t work but do under big, shinny melodies. “Like trying to play a D chord weirder than a D chord,” Mohr explains. “I honestly don’t remember it all so clearly, but I remember lyrics pouring out of me so fast.” The rest of the songs that comprise the band’s upcoming EP flowed shortly after, and likewise contain a funky sense of wonderment and a nod to pop legends. It's no wonder Mohr counts Chrissie Hynde and Michael Jackson as her favourite singers.

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