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Jamie Cullum - The Pianoman At Christmas

CD Album £10.99 
Black Vinyl LP £18.99
Indies SANTE RED Vinyl LP £18.99


  • 1.It's Christmas
  • 2.Beautiful, Altogether
  • 3.Hang Your Lights
  • 4.The Jolly Fat Man
  • 5.The Pianoman at Christmas
  • 6.Turn On The Lights
  • 7.So Many Santas
  • 8.Christmas Never Gets Old
  • 9.How Do You Fly?
  • 10.Christmas Caught Me Crying


So much of the Christmas music we all love is stuffed full of all the things I am really drawn to in songs. Our ears seem ready from December onwards for big bands, huge orchestras, beautiful chord changes and focused, timeless lyrics. It is a world of classic songwriting that I have been operating in since the beginning of my career. So I set myself the task to try and write ten, original Christmas songs that used these skills and obsessions to create something uncynical and adventurous, full of the joys and complexities of the season, that could be something you feel like reaching for every year. I have been so lucky that every corner of this record has been touched by the world’s best - from the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road, to the engineers, the arrangers, the producer and mixer. I hope the care, attention to detail and sheer joy that we put into this record will bring a little magic this Christmas

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