Jane Weaver - Sunset Dreams EP

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Jane Weaver - Sunset Dreams EP

A brand new six-track EP elevating the acclaimed new Jane Weaver album, ‘Flock’ to a new esoteric panorama of new pop. ‘Sunset Dreams’ features unreleased new tracks from the ‘Flock’ sessions and remixes from WH Lung and See Thru Hands that will be released digitally on 28th September on Fire Records ahead of her UK/IRE tour.

One of the most requested selections from her unanimously celebrated 2021 ‘Flock’ LP, new single ‘Sunset Dreams’ is a collaboration between Weaver and long term co-conspirator Andy Votel. The product of the duo’s helplessly expansive listening habitat, the single is the result of Votel’s obsessive digging and Weaver’s mutable songwriting skills which defiantly (and respectfully) transforms this 1980’s mock-Eastern French New Wave sample into a multi-coloured mechanical mid-tempo, head-nodding-pop complete with radio-shack mic interference and broken Japanese toy sound effects. ‘Sunset Dreams’ retains Jane Weaver’s returning commitment to sample culture that previously saw her collaborate with Dave Brock on 2016’s ‘Electric Mountain’, and provides a stylistic would-be sequel to classic Weaver tracks like ‘Don’t Take My Soul’ and ‘Modern Kosmology’. Harbouring deep conceptual lyricism and the kind of malfunctioning Funk that kept the bailiffs away from labels like Celluloid and Ze in the early 1980’s, ‘Sunset Dreams’ is yet another frame in the artist’s ongoing sonic adventures on a perfect pop planet from an alternative universe.

The EP features a lengthy mind-expanding, body-swooning excursion on pulsing remix of ‘Solarised’ that’s energised further by northern outfit WH Lung who dismantle and reassemble on this exceptional reworking. Furthering the eclectic electronic vibe, See Thru Hands here mix ‘The Revolution Of Super Visions’ alongside two new tracks; ‘The Lexical Distance’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong’ that captures the pop vision of this ever-morphing electronic pioneer.

‘Sunset Dreams’ re-imagines parts of ‘Flock’ continues the journey whilst shining a light on her glorious new album.

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