Janette Mason - Wall to Wall Bowie EP

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Janette Mason
Wall to Wall Bowie EP

David McAlmont - Vocals
Sam Obernik - Vocals
Produced and arranged by Janette Mason

10” Vinyl £19.99
CD EP £9.99

01: The Jean Genie 4:40
02: Starman 4:35
03: Fame 4:34
04: Wild Is The Wind 5:24
05: Suffragette City 3.37

Wall to Wall Bowie is a celebration of the music of one of the greatest pop icons. Creator and arranger Janette Mason presents a fresh look at Bowie’s songs, with new arrangements, jazz twists, and a unique approach. She has earned a fantastic reputation for her sell out shows and acquired a loyal fan base along the way.
This EP due for release June 25th 2021 is a studio recording of the most popular songs from the show.

Life-long Bowie fan, Janette fell in love with Bowie’s music from a young age. She sneaked in to see ‘The Man Who Fell Earth’ at the tender age of 13 and had the single ‘Sound and Vision’ on permanent play on her Philips portable turntable. Smash cut forward to 2012. At this point she had taken on the role of Musical Director at London’s Hideaway Club and had free reign to unleash her creative spirit. A chance meeting with celebrated vocalist David McAlmont solidified the project and the current incarnation of Wall To Wall Bowie was born.
Things have really come full circle and in 2020 Janette joined Bowie producer Tony Visconti and ex-Spiders drummer Woody Woodmanseysuper group, Holy Holy.

Even without knowing it, there's a fair chance that you'll have heard Janette's multipleskills on many albums such as Ian Shaw’s Drawn To All Things, Robert Wyatt’s Soup Songs, live in concert with Oasis plus her contributions to movie and TV soundtracks. She is also a talented composer, her Trio's 2010 CD Alien Left Hand was nominated for a Parliamentary Jazz Award, and her current release ‘Red Alert’ has received great reviews
“Her latest release… is destined to add to her reputation as one of our leading jazz lights” Keith Ames – The Musician

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