Jimmie Vaughan - Baby, Please Come Home

Format: Aztec Gold Vinyl LP

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Jimmie Vaughan - Baby, Please Come Home

Baby, Please Come Home
Just A Game
No One To Talk To But The Blues
Be My Lovey Dovey
What's Your Name?
Hold It
I'm Still In Love With You
It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)
So Glad
Midnight Hour
Baby, What's Wrong?

Grammy winner Jimmie Vaughan's unwavering interpretation of the blues since his teenage years is undiminished and in full evidence on his first studio album since 2012, "Baby, Please Come Home."

Vaughan says that playing what he feels has always been his main goal. Without a doubt, this attitude has kept him in the vanguard of an elite group of torch-bearers ensuring that the soul-stirring music of the blues stays true to its powerful source.

That's why the tracks on this album all sound like original 45s from a bygone age, played on a valve-driven chrome and glass juke box cranked up loud in the joint of our dreams.

There's nobody else on the planet playing like this anymore, but Jimmie's joint is still open for business. So, step right up and walk right in.

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