Josef K - It's Kinda Funny - The Singles: Vinyl LP

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Josef K - It's Kinda Funny - The Singles

Vinyl LP £22.99

Side 1
1. Romance
2. Radio Trill Time
3. It’s Kinda Funny
4. Sorry For Laughing
5. Chance Meeting
6. The Missionary
Side 2:
1. Heaven Sent
2. Revelation
3. Crazy to Exist
4. The Angle
5. Pictures (of Cindy)
6. Final Request
7. Chance Meeting (Absolute version)

Crepuscule presents It’s Kinda Funny, a vinyl-only collection of classic singles by iconic Scottish post-punk guitar group Josef K issued between 1979 and 1982.

"Postcard Records had a knack of finding the best of the outsiders in Scottish post-punk. Josef K were probably the band with the least commercial success, but whose music has aged the best. Arch where Orange Juice were twee, otherworldly where Aztec Camera were gauche, Paul Haig and his band took elements from Subway Sect and the Velvets and married them to scratchy, skeletal funk. It's the singles that sees them best remembered. Chance Meeting has an almost Motown bliss added to its austerity, and It's Kinda Funny is a startling record for a band of such relative youth. Adding a much needed literacy and refinement to the glitter of 80s pop, Josef K are sorely missed. 9/10" (Vive le Rock, 04/2016)As well as the three legendary 45s on Postcard Records (Radio Drill Time, It’s Kinda Funny and Chance Meeting), the album also includes both Crepuscule singles (Sorry For Laughing, Missionary) as well as the original Absolute version of Chance Meeting from 1979. B-side tracks are also included, plus a digital download coupon.

 Cover art by Jean-Francois Octave. Outer sleeve printed on matt reverse board. Inner bag features liner notes and archive images by Simon Clegg.

 “Josef K were The Sound of Young Scotland, together with Orange Juice, whose guitars were also radiant and brittle, whose rhythms were also scrubbed and blunt, whose vocals were also proud and serious, but who sounded like another group entirely” (Paul Morley); “Josef K was about the heroic Outsider suavely surfing across the fraught surface of their albino funk fracas. Haig sounds high on anxiety, finding an odd, giddy euphoria in doubt.” (Simon Reynolds)

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