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Julia Bardo - Bauhaus, L'Appartamento

Red Vinyl LP £19.99

Debut album from Manchester-via-Italy singer, songwriter and
guitarist Julia Bardo.

Produced and mixed by Younghusband’s Euan Hinshelwood, the
album firmly establishes Bardo’s musical adventurousness and
prowess, and marks a cathartic and self-affirming moment for an
artist who found her voice by realizing it’s been there all along.

The album is best summed up by the woman who wrote it all:
“‘Bauhaus, L’Appartamento’ is about loneliness, solitude,
separation... but also unconditional love,” Bardo reveals of the
record’s overarching themes. “Family, emotional dependency,
mental health issues, feelings of emptiness and numbness,
feelings of not being enough, inability to be in control of my own
emotions, self-doubt, self-reflection, past traumas and dealing with
Named after the apartment complex she lived in when demoing
the album’s recordings, but with an Italian twist.

Follows the release of two EPs, ‘Phase’ and ‘The Raw EP’, which
saw her experiment further with her wistful and mysterious sound
to become the alternative pop artist she is today.

Her musical journey began in Brescia in Northern Italy, where she
sang and wrote lyrics for a local band between shifts at her
father’s bar. A free spirit craving new inspiration, she relocated to
Manchester, and it was here she developed her striking style as a
solo musician before also meeting and joining post-punk band
Working Men’s Club. Never losing her strong desire to have full
creative control over her music, she returned to become a solo
artist again.

Winner of Music Moves Europe Talent Awards 2021.

1. The Most
2. No Feeling
3. Into Your Eyes
4. Love Out of Control
5. The One
6. Do This To Me
7. Impossible
8. It's Okay (To Not Be Okay)
9. The Greatest
10. Goodbye Tomorrow

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