Kasabian - For Crying Out Loud: Vinyl LP

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Kasabian - For Crying Out Loud

Black Vinyl LP & Cd £18.99


1. "Ill Ray (The King)" 3:39
2. "You're in Love with a Psycho" 3:35
3. "Twentyfourseven" 3:01
4. "Good Fight" 3:50
5. "Wasted" 4:07
6. "Comeback Kid" 4:19
7. "The Party Never Ends" 3:52
8. "Are You Looking for Action?" 8:22
9. "All Through the Night" 3:31
10. "Sixteen Blocks" 4:19
11. "Bless This Acid House" 3:44
12. "Put Your Life on It" 4:35

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