Killing Joke - The Singles Collection: Transparent Red & Yellow / Black & Clear Vinyl 4LP


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Killing Joke
The Singles Collection
Transparent Red & Yellow / Black & Clear Vinyl 4LP £49.99

A1 Nervous System 4:17
A2 Wardance 3:45
A3 Requiem 3:40
A4 Follow The Leaders 4:07
B1 Empire Song 3:20
B2 Chop-Chop 4:17
B3 Birds Of A Feather 3:46
B4 Let's All Go (To The Fire Dances) 3:23
B5 Me Or You? 3:02
C1 Eighties 3:50
C2 A New Day 4:11
C3 Love Like Blood 4:22
C4 Kings And Queens 3:44
D1 Adorations 4:41
D2 Sanity 4:38
D3 America 3:43
D4 My Love Of This Land 4:06
E1 The Beautiful Dead (Flexi-Disc Version) 4:37
E2 Money Is Not Our God 5:14
E3 Exorcism (Live In King's Chamber, Cairo August 1993 Mix Edit) 5:26
E4 Millenium (Cybersank Edit) Remix – Cybersank 3:57
F1 Pandemonium (Cybersank Edit) Remix – Cybersank 3:18
F2 Jana 3:59
F3 Democracy (Album Mix) 3:43
F4 Loose Canon 4:09
G1 Seeing Red (Edit) 3:44
G2 Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell (Radio Edit) 4:41
G3 In Excelsis 4:05
G4 Fresh Fever From The Skies (Record Store Day Exclusive) 3:23
H1 European Super State (Edit) 3:48
H2 Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove (Dub Edit) 5:40
H3 In Cythera (Edit) 3:32
H4 Corporate Elect 3:59

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