Kings Of Convenience - Riot On An Empty Street

Format: Vinyl LP

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2004 album no3 from the Norwegian indie-pop duo finally back on vinyl


1. "Homesick" 3:13
2. "Misread" 3:08
3. "Cayman Islands" 3:02
4. "Stay Out of Trouble" 5:04
5. "Know-How" Eirik Glambek BøeErlend ØyeFeist 3:58
6. "Sorry or Please" 3:47
7. "Love Is No Big Truth" 3:48
8. "I'd Rather Dance with You" 3:29
9. "Live Long" lyrics: Are Glambek Bøe/Eirik Glambek Bøe/Erlend Øye 2:57
10. "Surprise Ice" 4:23
11. "Gold in the Air of Summer" 3:33
12. "The Build-Up" Eirik Glambek BøeErlend ØyeFeist 4:05

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