Kong: Skull Island - Original Soundtrack

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Size: Limited Lava Vinyl LP
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KONG: SKULL ISLAND Original Motion Picture Score

Complete Score by Henry Jackman
180 Gram “Lava” Colored Vinyl Double LP
Heavyweight Old Style Gatefold Jackets
Printed Insert
Composer Liner Notes
Art by Andrew Swainson and JC Richard

Track List
Side A
South Pacific
The Beach
Project Monarch
Packard’s Blues
Assembling The Team
Into The Storm
The Island
Kong The Destroyer
Side B
Monsters Exist
Spider Attack
Dominant Species
The Temple
Grey Fox
Side C

Kong The Protector
Marlow’s Farewell
The Boneyard
Heart Of Kong
Side D

Man Vs. Beast
Creature From The Deep
The Battle Of Skull Island
King Kong
Monster Mash

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