Lambchop - Trip: Limited Sun Yellow Vinyl LP

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Lambchop - Trip

Limited Sun Yellow Vinyl LP £23.99

In the fall of 2019, Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner had a unique idea: In lieu of going on what would become an economically disastrous tour, he would invite the band to Nashville to make a record as a way to provide them with similar financial support and realize something tangible in the process. Each band member was tasked with choosing one song for the band to cover, and leading the recording session to completion each day. Wagner says, “My idea was to see what might happen if I removed myself from the process and the content as much as possible. In doing so, what surfaced were elements that have always been there but maybe got overshadowed by my songwriting and process.”

Side A:
1. Reservations (13:00)
2. Where Grass Won’t Grow (6:24)

Side B
3. Shirley (4:35)
4. Golden Lady (6:42)
5. Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone (3:28)
6. Weather Blues (3:26)

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