Lazerhawk - Redline : Various Vinyl Versions

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* This is Scotts one Synthwave holy grail that hasnt been pressed before - if you havnt heard it already check it out - if you like any of these artists you will love it (Perturbator /Gost / Carpenter Brut / Dan Terminus / Power Glove / S U R V I V E / Tommy 86 the list goes on) you NEED this :)

We are one of only 2 places in europe getting copies so pre order yours at this price now.

The classic seminal Synthwave album from 2010. Pressed for the first time ever on vinyl by Electric Dream Records.

Available in 3 Limited Edition Vinyl Variants:  


Audiophile Black Double LP - £39.99

Red Blue Double LP - £40.99

Deluxe Smoke Red Blue Double LP With Extras - £48.99


Mastered by Dynatron Art by Cameron McPhee Creative


"A founding member of Rosso Corsa, Lazerhawk is Garrett Hays from Austin, Texas, USA. His outrun electro is robot pop mixed with dark synths and the occasional lyric. Two years ago I described him as reminiscent of everything that was good in the 80’s: synthesizer jams with gargantuan leads, hard toms, spaced-out melody and the pains of being pure at heart. Since then he has experimented with chill wave and disco, but with a fundamental link to the 80s"
by Dick rich

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