Live Evil: Electric Miles Reimagined + Mu Quintet 08/06/22 @ Brudenell Social Club

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DJ Lubi/RE:SOUL Presents...
Live Evil: Electric Miles Reimagined + Mu Quintet
Wednesday 8th June 2022

Brudenell Social Club
Age Restriction: 14+ with Adult / 16+ without.
Live Evil : Electric Miles Reimagined

Formed specially for Leeds Jazz Festival 2022, Live Evil embraces, interprets and reimagines the music of Miles Davis’ electric period, which began with the much lauded "In A Silent Way" and "Bitches Brew" and included other groundbreaking albums albums such as "A Tribute To Jack Johnson", "On the Corner" and "Pangaea". Simultaneously abstract, funky, violent and introspective, shards of Miles’ electric sound can be heard throughout the UK jazz scene, and this influence is starkly apparent in the projects of the members of Live Evil, which include Vipertime, Skwid Ink, Ancient Infinity Orchestra, Long Legged Creatures, Treppenwitz and Mansion of Snakes. Live Evil will use Miles' music as a starting point and then take it to where their collective improvisational skills want it to resolve. Exactly how Miles did things on the original recordings. Three decades after he passed away, his musical legacy still inspires new generations of musicians. Come and hear the real "acid" jazz played by today's young jazz rebels of Leeds.

Live Evil are :
Ben Powling - tenor saxophone
Joel Stedman - bass clarinet, flute, percussion
Matthew Aplin - keys
Will Lakin - electric guitar
Fergus Quill - electric bass
Josh Ketch - drums
Paulo Mazzoni - percussion

Mu Quintet

The concept of ’Mu’ is an answer beyond the question. Mu Quintet are an avant-jazz group who play original compositions deeply inspired by the spiritual music of the civil rights movement. Some of the other artists and projects members of Mu Quintet are involved with are Ancient Infinity Orchestra, Matthew Halsall and Yard Nule. The project aims to celebrate collective improvisation and freedom of expression in the modern era.

Mu Quintet are :
Matt Cliffe - tenor saxophone
Joel Stedman - bass clarinet, flute
Hugh Vincent - keys
Elliot Roffe - bass
Simon Henry - drums

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