L'objectif - We Aren't Getting Out But Tonight We Might

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Format: White Vinyl 10" EP
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L'objectif - We Aren't Getting Out But Tonight We Might
(Chess Club)

1. Same Thing
2. Get Close
3. Feeling Down
4. To Be Honest
5. Thought It Was Real 

L'objectif are schoolmates Saul Kane (vocals, guitar) and Louis Bullock (drums) - who first formed a band together at the age of 12 - Ezra Glennon (bass) and Dan Richardson (guitar). With each member picking up instruments as children, the young friends - none of whom are over the age of 18 - have a shared love of genres and musicians that belies their tender age: jazz funk, hip-hop, punk, post-punk, and almost everything in between. Also inspired by painters Basquiat and Francis Bacon, L’objectif seek excitement in the intellectually stimulating and subjective; finding thrill in the confusion. 

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