Lord Vicar - Black Powder: Double Vinyl LP


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Lord Vicar - Black Powder
(Svart Records)

Double Vinyl LP £21.99

First time on vinyl for these Finnish doom metal heavyweights 4th LP from 2019

1 Sulphur, Charcoal and Saltpetre
2 Descent
3 World Encircled
4 Levitation
5 The Temple in the Bedrock
6 Black Lines
7 Impact
8 Nightmare
9 A Second Chance

The fourth Lord Vicar full length album, a sonically and emotionally devastating journey in doom metal, features songs about war, fought both between people and within us all. Slow and intense riffage, progressive structures, and introspective lyrics create a hard and yet magical journey to the relief that waits at the end of all things.

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